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What we do

Specialist in NHL hockey jersey cresting using pro-twill (also known as tackle-twill). The Pro-twill material is cut with the latest laser technology to ensure clean cuts with the highest precision and accuracy. An added advantage of laser cutting is the assurance of non-frayed edges. The multi-color (multi-layer) crests are then heated together and a zig zag stitch is sewn around the edges of each layer. For applique crests, embroidery may also be incorporated along with the zig zag stitching.

Great Plains Cresting specializes in custom cresting services for hockey teams, baseball teams, football teams, school teams, community teams and many other types of team jerseys.

We are an official licensed crestor of the NHLLP and NHLPA, and Hockey Canada.

State of the art sublimation services, including special design crests, logo, numbers, letters, name-bars. Standard official team numbers and letters are also available.


Great Plains Cresting began operations in 1975 in Calgary, Alberta. We were the first NHL licensed crestor in Canada and is currently the only one in Calgary.


As of 2007 we officially become an official licensed crestor for Hockey Canada.


Our company strives to provide to its customers the highest quality of NHL, pro-twill, tackle-twill, sublimation, numbers, letters and applique cresting available.

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